Turning Towards Each Other

Relationships are hard work that you should not take a day off from. If you are currently in a relationship, whether you are just starting to grow your love, or whether you've been married for 60 years, communication is key. You are probably thinking: well we talk or text everyday, so we must be doing a great job of communicating. I would like you to reflect for a moment and ask your self if you truly are communicating? Are you turning towards each other? According to John Gottman, an expert on relationships who encourages couples to turn towards each other instead of away throughout their day, correlates this with higher relationship satisfaction. What exactly does that look like? Here's an example: You've had a busy day at work, you get home and realized you forgot to send an important e-mail. Your significant other asks how your day was and begins to share their day. Turning towards your partner in this situation looks like you looking up from composing your e-mail to take the time to respond to your partner and listen to the events of their day. Turning away looks like continuing to write that e-mail with out acknowledging your significant other. All it takes is a few moments and some gentle reminders during the counseling process to turn towards each other.

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