Holiday Grief Retreat

Iana Malcolm

5 Ways To Thrive During The Holidays Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza. It doesn't matter what you celebrate. If you've lost someone, those Holidays, and allll of the months that surround it, are like little land mines of grief explosions. After my parents died, I spent a few years celebrating with friend's families or my own extended family. They all meant well, and I was grateful to have a place to go, but I felt like an outsider. For a few years I would try to pretend like the holiday didn't exist at all and I would travel to some far flung land alone. Good times, but it's still Christmas morning in your head when you're alone and drinking Rum Runners at 9am. (don't judge me ) It sucked that grief had robbed me of the ability to celebrate like a "normal" person. This past year, I celebrated for the 1st time in my own home, finally creating my own traditions. I made Christmas Dinner and I didn't cry 75% of the day. (baby steps people) But my 1 good year didn't stop me from remembering my 9 bad years and it's those memories that fueled the creation of this retreat. It's 5 days of Miami sun and amazing food that you don't have to cook or clean. It's an opportunity to spend a few well deserved hours in a spa and sleep in a luxury suite with your own Japanese hot tub on the balcony. It's art and wine and culture and yoga and MOST importantly it's a retreat where you can celebrate the holiday AND your memories with people who GET YOU. Maybe this retreat isn't for you. But I bet you know someone, whose lost someone. And I can promise you, the holidays are probably their hardest time. Share this with them... 

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